May 16th, 2008



Did dream last night, something social and video games. Didn't even recall it until I was on the train...

Finished up the main campaign in 40K: Dawn of War and started in the first expansion, Winter Assault. The expansion is pretty awesome so far. In addition to adding a playable "race" there are two campaigns (Order and Chaos) and both so far have you playing different races, usually more than one on each map. And on the third (?) map for Chaos, I think you have to do two and once, which I quite failed at on my first outing...

Finally picked up よつばと! and read through a few pages squinting and gave myself a tiny headache before bed this morning. I was able to make out some words, and it does help to inspire me to stop slacking off on kanji practice as furigana -> headache.

Ended up seeing The Pillow Book movie twice this week. I do recommend it, noting that it is quite adult and seriously messed up. Most people seem to conveniently forget large swathes of the movie after seeing it, remembering only the very pretty and sexy bits in the middle, but the film as a whole is a different thing. I should perhaps try and read the book ... The movie was also good motivation to practice kana and kanji, trying to read calligraphy painted on flesh. And signs.

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