May 9th, 2008

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VCS debate on slashot (yes, again)

an AC spake, in part:

This is specially useful if your project is a website, and you want to use your checkout as the html root.

This seems to be exactly what svn export [-rREV] url://path is for, since it pulls a static metadata-less (no .svn) copy of that path at that rev. I use it to (re)publish websites with cron, and have used it for bind9 zone files and all sort of other stuff where the .svn files (or their contents) was unwanted.

As to the rather contentious (and mostly fruitless) debate at hand, I'll have at look at what the Pragmatic Programmer have to say about git. They are releasing a new version of their canonical VCS book for it, and their SVN book is what really helped get me going with SVN. .

ed note:Posted on the /. thread for "The Future of Subversion".

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