April 29th, 2008


In which little happens out of bed for awhile

Small crowd for Monday nights, and smaller still by the time I spun up the (final) Stargate DVD Ark of Truth Special-Effects. The flick was actually pretty good, fun to watch. They included an option prelude that mostly summarizes the last couple seasons for those of us who missed a few (dozen) episodes. There are quite a few fun moments i the movie proper, and it seems a good wrap up.

But the reason to buy or borrow the disc has to be the bonus materials. I put on the SandDiegoComicCon Stargate forum video. This featured a stage full of cast and producers and a room packed with otaku .. and it was so funny we laughed out loud, repeatedly, and kept laughing. I laughed so hard my leg cramped up. I think it's stopped twinging now that I slept.

After decent hours passed by and all of the humans wandered off to bed I logged onto SL to frolic with the avs. And after wandering around for a little bit and chatting managed to get my avvie into a predicament which served as amusement to several friends who dropped by to gawk. Before they all showed up I got some reading in: a few pages of Hikaru and a few of Brin after the Hikaru was making my eyes hurt (liitle tee-tiny furigana, ouch). Due to Mondayness I was pretty sleepy and so I crashed early (before 5am) after most every av had gone off to bed.

And woke promptly again at around 8:30. I was able to get back to sleep, repeatedly after this, and feel mostly rested. There were various odd things that woke me or happened on my way back to sleep, including a call from Msoft and a particularly successful memory game. Cueing off a dollhouse somehow I was able to link that up a specific Barbie playhouse vaguely, and from there steadily I recalled many details of the home and family of some school mates I have probably not seen in 20 years. Wacky.
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