April 25th, 2008


What was that about inconsistent results and insanity?

Reason number index.next! that apache RewriteRules make my brain hurt (and never work right):

> > Commenting line 7 makes everything ok. I don't know what to do
> > differently, can someone help me with this?
> Best I can come up with is a non-UNIX line ending just after the -f.
> Use an editor to join line 7 and 8 and divide them again.
> HansH

Non unix line feed was exactly the problem. That's what I get for
copying and pasting that line. Thanks a lot Hans! 
from: http://www.issociate.de/board/post/415058/Bad_Flag_Delimiters_on_Rewrite_Cond.html

I just confirmed this is my own test rig. As if Rewrite Rules weren't chaotic and insane enough, apparently they are also very sensitive to ... line feeds? White space? Intent of the user? ARGH

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