April 22nd, 2008



That was my brain hitting a wall. I'm not chunking these problems well and so I can't actually get ahold of a piece and solve it.
  • the collection of computers, mostly useless in their current configuration
  • the furniture and stuff layout in this room
  • the mess in the dining room, full of stuff that doesn't go there, or anywhere..
  • the unused/able front bedroom
  • space to work in
  • lab and test network
  • gaming machine?
  • minimize noise and clutter in living space
  • be able to (re)charge gadgets sanely
  • laundry and clothes and books and other crap

And although I was in bed for more than twelve hours, and up at 7:30 or so, I have just about burnt all of my momentum just getting that far, inventorying the computers and getting the snail..

Keep in mind that as complex as it seem, the state of the house and the lab network are easy problems compared to others I'm dodging. I've even got a rudimentary set of cards to try different arrangements with, but stalled out after that. Maybe the coloured markers would have helped a touch.

Edit: After I got back from my lunchtime romp I disconnected and removed three machines and the attached kvm, and pushed them across the carpet down the hallway into the spare room. Decisive? slightly. Effective? Nah, nothing yet. The inventory I took has not much to convince me that I should not just junk all of the lab equipment and buy (with credit!) a Mac Pro workstation and make it run all of it. It could of course with little difficulty .. only ~6000 dollars more debt, doesn't seem like much... だめ!