April 17th, 2008


A pair of similar fiery snakes

Surely that explains something?

Wednesday (much easier to spell in German that word) went all weird. I seem to have ended up napping eventually in Alpharetta between 10PM and midnight. Which is slighty odd for having got in bed in Norcross at around 1000 AM.

Meantime I have listened to the first three Pod Castle stories, and am ... well, damn it's good. Worth the wait, certainly. Better than Pseudopod? By parsecs. So now those folks are bringing us three great stories a week. Oh, and Sigler's new book is selling well, I hear ... I also hear Cory Doctorow has started posting new fiction again, but I'm saving that for a moment of greater lucidity. Oh, and I caught up on superheroine drama while pleasantly not sleeping earlier this morning.

I've been drilling kanji in LRNJ and that's going okay. I'm definitely absorbing the glossed meanings of a bunch of kanji, although neither strokes nor readings really. I have books and paper (and whiteboards) for that, but the video games, oddly, are easier to pick up. The mnemonics and the internal logic of the kanji are both wonderful and maddening. Some of it makes perfect sense and some makes no sense at all, and then those two get combined to mean another thing ...

Made it to one so far of the two dates I have this week. It was at my home, but still, a win is a win. *snort* We just hung out some, and that was fun. Part of the non-euclidean horror of Wednesday has leaked into today (viz awake, daylight, in Alpharetta), but I still expect to make it out to dinner tonight, back in Norcross.

Have preordered two different box sets of great horror from the lesser evil power Amazon to come in over the summer months. Not sure whether this or that will be more damaging to sanity overall.
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