March 23rd, 2008


Weird dreams

One first with some nearly non-fictional work drama, personality conflict with the Boss. It had something to do with Irish music he was playing loudly over the pa. The vague impressions of coworkers encouraged this, telling me to just turn up the radio. Instead I tried to find a cd to play, knowing I'd no Pogues with me. I was searching through semi-magical cd case trying to decide between Chieftains and Cranberries when ..

This flowed somehow into the plans for my immediate arranged marriage to a nice enough seeming young man from work who I did not know. And then on somewhat directly to the reception, where I was trying to figure out which one I had married. Meanwhile at the front of the room, Michael Dorn was complaining about how the death of his character (Worf) was ruined by a last minute edit of the following scene. I did not follow the details since I was starting to be genuinely upset at not knowing which one I married. Was it the fellow with the strong brogue towards the end of that table? I remember thinking maybe this won't be so bad...

Thoughts: Perhaps making the NOC look so much like the bridge of a small Federation vessel was not a good idea after all. Still I'm not sure who invited the crew/cast of NCC-1701D. Also, I am thinking about workdrama waaaay too much. The dozens of pages of wank I read last night did not seem to have much influence. Nor did i dream of Joel or ie8. Praise $goddess for small blessings.

Most concerning is the dissociative aspect of that and perhaps other dreams. If that became a habit I would be a bit distressed.
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