March 19th, 2008

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I posted replies on /. tonight. Twice. :

Nearly there.

Always treat code as hostile.

Defense in depth, capabilities, least privilege, fail closed, scrub inputs, escape everything ... I think there have been a few books written on this.

In PHP's case this fellow's slender volume is quite helpful: [] . And [] .

g'luck! :

I agree with your argument but none of your examples. :/

SVN's behaviour with respect to passwords is quite well documented and oft-discussed. If you have the magic bullet answer by all means please provide it in a patch.

(Hint: some OS have secure password storage systems, but none of the m use the same one. Second hint: passwords, particularly any that get sent over the wire in any form, are crap. Oh, just look here: [] )
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Lazyweb: Tech writing

If one were looking to move into tech writing, having done some in the course of trying to survive various other positions in computer work ...

What sort of portfolio would one like to have? Keep in mind that any documentation written for previous / current organizations is likely unavailable. Is there a standard for this ? Obviously work on public wikis is fair game...

Any other tips or comments on this topic will be appreciated.

On a related note, how does the line "those who can code, those who can't teach and write documentation" work? It's not quite there yet.
bolts, writing, nuts


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iTunes: Played this haunting GITS track while I was posting, then a quick Origa track, and now back to Liz Phair for "Shitloads Of Money" from whitechocolatespaceegg. Out of 1315 songs, 3.3 days of music. And then Origa again. And now Liz Phair "May Queen", from Whip Smart. Now Origa - –Ø –ø–æ–¥–∞—Ä—é –¢–µ–±–µ –ú—É–∑—ã–∫—É which did not paste well at all, now did it.

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