March 14th, 2008


To not quote Ms. Spears...

Oops? I managed to avoid keeping this one only by sheer force of willpower, and I could tell she was disappointed. *long drawn out sigh* We both had a lovely lovely time. It was really fun, and her confusion was part of that fun .. but .. geez, how the hell do I do that, keep doing that? And in SL time compression, a couple hours real time?

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Goddess, please preserve me from my own inclinations.


clip show for new viewers? WIP

* I don't understand people and am uncomfortable around them.
** Coallary: The reverse is true.
* I have a short attention span and am also quite absent-minded.

Theological underpinnings:
* Pantheism : "The universe is.", "Thou art God" [as is everything/one]
* Hackery : "The universe is composed of interesting problems to solve", "Boredom and drudgery are evil."
* Utilitarian altuisism: "Ethical questions should be resolved in the way that is most helpful to the most people", "Value is assigned based on utility, based on helpfulness."

Default behaviour:
* Helpful and friendly
* Curious and confused
* Flirty

Procedural description:
...wip, tba
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