February 25th, 2008


Ambushed (again)

To my complete surprise I have in fact not improved in numerous ways discussed last time (and since), have made some silly mistakes, and have been complained about by customers and coworkers.

My good efforts are unnoticed, the complaints overrule however and whatever I have done, and a pop quiz two weeks ago on a subject I stopped studying last year (from lack of support from management) is used to point out my inadequacies in an area I've never professed adequacy (Bash Programming).

If I did manage to stay on, I might get the wiki, since they both agree that I write the best documentation and reports they have seen. Nice of them to notice that I am a better teacher than tech, which I've been saying all along.

Crap, I may be crying again. Pardon me...

Later: Misquoting from the ranty email I just sent: If I had know things were that bad I would not still be here. If I had expected half of that from that meeting I'd have honourably fallen on my sword first.