February 17th, 2008


Too much to deal with

and no good coping mechanisms about.

Work is ker-azy, more so than Friday even, since I have servers down on top of the usual crap (that was when I got in, btw). Boss is jerking me around on money, and being a jerk besides. I want to quit to spite him, to try and help him learn .. but it would hurt me more than him, and he wouldn't.

And last night within the same hour I held two different women in my arms while they shuddered. One of them cried. This overshadows the fun had at the party a bit, whence I had spent all of my sporks already.

The cat was needy and whiney when I got home, all though the day, and no much changed as I left for work.

Update: I did receive an amazing amount of affection and several strong compliments from multiple sources, almost all of the latter were after the fact, like in IM tonight. Very strange.
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