February 14th, 2008



Last night:
  • hackery: fiddled with svn, trac, inferno on new server
  • fiction (?): read 100 pp of Mabinogion
  • video games: EVE
  • Knitting: two quick failed attempts to start a practice swatch for stockinette, which incidentially is very hard for me to actually do because I can never remember which stitch I did last...
  • Go: lost to computer and a few nyms online in on 19 and several 13 games mostly against other BC class noobs. I did manage to secure some territory in a couple matches and may have scared off a nother beginner by an agressive first move..
  • Now: Torchwood 2x6, since 2x5 is still coming in.. and a large mug full of crack, more tea and cheeze with that
Hopefully my failure at watching television will not be as total as the oher bits, and I can go back upstairs and read another hundred pages of gorgeous retold myths. Later: Instead it seems I have fond where the local Feynman Lectures Vol I got off to and have resmed reading it by rereading Chapter 2 and am now starting in on Ch 4, while:
  • EVE: A rather dull session of afk mining before downtime is made slightly more pleasant by logging in and sicovering that my pilot is no longer a rookie!
And I'm (still) wearing a Network Security t-shirt and pajama pants, to complete the post structure.
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