February 2nd, 2008



Did taxes, owe a piddling amount. They take Amex so that's taken care of .. but it cements the conclusion I'd already reached about 2007. Financially, I might have broken even. This sucks.

I'm in such a grumpy mood that I grabbed my pipe off of the console in the thought that chewing on might help. And I'm considering risking the office coffee.

I did make it in on time. In addition to being correct, hopefully this will present a better example to the slackasses on the next shift.

The Queen/Bowie track did play on the radio on the way in.

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Dreamhost is trying to piss me off.

I just sent:
Collapse )
And I did get an auto response, so that's fixed. In direct response to:
Collapse )
In response in part to:
Collapse )
but mostly:
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My response bounced, see above.

Some Notes:Yeah even the regular account I downgraded to has 500 GB, so that 0 has got to have something to do with the stupid. If they want me to clear off the video files I obviously torrented from somewhere, they are going to have to say so, plainly. Also, my balance is -19x not -9x, oops. And I first bothered their tech support about ssh keys for my rsyncs on May 11th, 2007 - 14:27:26, so you can figure I've been syncing my home folder to my DH account since then. FWIW i prepaid for 3 years of service by credit card when I got my account in June 2006. Being able to rsync backup to the them is a major reason why I was going to renew in June for another three years, even at a reduced rate. If this is no longer the case, I have much less need for them, and I am already in process of moving some of my crap.

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