January 19th, 2008


Maybe not fired.

... but man what a shitty day that was. At midnight, a customer's minion presents a crazy plan, which I try to implement and inevitably fuck up slightly in the trying, and I manage to aggravate a bug in own of our more important and shoddily constructed systems, which I don't have access to fix. I mail for help. Some hours later the ticket gets assigned urgency by the minion (4ish?), but the task is made no more clear or possible. I call for help, no answer. I scratch forward a little but make no real progress, waiting for Help to repair some of the damage wrought in our crappy old software before I push forward. A few more hours pass. The customer (business owner? exec anyway) calls (5:30?) and clarifies the task and the goal, and I start in on the now possible and fairly simple (but still crazy) task, but am hampered still by the effect of my previous mistake on one of our crappy systems. And my nerves were jangled from that state of things.

Time rolls around for me to be moseying (past 8) and the shit is still busted. I call again since dayshift is awake (8) and this time get some help (past 8:30?). Dayshift helps me tech the crap I forget after things went crazy, and all but one site was fine before I left the office at 9:30 (and the last was fixed just now by dayshift at 10 when I called to check on it, I missed a couple things on that one too :(

My epitaph may well read: "His silly stupid little mistakes were compounded by long-standing gaping architectural flaws, but at least he didn't call maxiez."

So today: I walk in to two dead machines, and while my teammate is working on those I get called by the owners of the corp from yesterday, who want to change it all back. The guy I was working with is on a plane, and they are not on the access list, so everybody gets called, including the owner of our company, and yes, I called maxie. And he fixed it all with his magical powers.
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