December 11th, 2007


Tired, accomplished, tired, hot

It's 20 something degrees out and brightly sunny.

Despite being adrift from any discernable cycle, I am up and have done things what needed doing. Also despite new video games, BID. I got out of bed last night at almost exactly 1900 and watched some videos with bugman, and ended up with an unplanned visit near 0100. Took a nap at about 2 that didn't even make it to 3, and ended up playing with and in Oblivion (got some patches and mods ...) until we declared breakfast at, um 4-something, and shortly after I was back to video games ... and on like that until eleven or so when I finally tore myself away from RTS crack Warzone.

Cleaned out and closed out sturge unit. Got oil changed (grabbed lunch at Taco Hell during) and after a brief internal struggle, drove up to B&N and got the giftcards for the relatives. Along with cancelling Sidekick and Audible, and an order from BestBuy that should be here any second (...) that effectively wraps up my Yule* shopping and reduces monthly expenses by more than 125 bucks (!).

Next post is about games, and then maybe a mail of happy to customer service. If I don't pass out first. Water seems advised

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Free games!

So, there was an article on free Linux 3d games on some site recently. The article itself listed ten games, most of which are not very interesting, but the comments there and much more so the comments on the thread for it at OSNews were full of good links for games. Some of which even have Mac versions :) All are free beer, and most are actually free (opensource) software.

There were many shooters mentioned, but I'll only link Sauerbraten, since I played it for an hour today. The sequel and successor to Cube (an indie free 3d engine / shooter game) Sauerbraten also includes a simple single player campaign that is probably responsible for the stiffness in my mouse hand today.

Shooters are boring. Real-time strategy (Command and Conquer, Warcraft 1-3, Starcraft, Dune 2 and sequels ...) games can be lots more interesting. Glest is a new RTS, mostly for windows btu also ported to Linux, written in C++ and GL. Its two factions are Magic and Technology and it's pretty nice looking. I only played a few minutes into the tutorial (in XP / Parallels / Coherence ) but it has campaign play and scenarios, as well as multiplayer. Glest home

There is a classic RTS I didn't mention before, because I've never played it. Most recently the creator went on to make Total Annihilation a modern graphics card squeezing RTS that I hear is fantastic, but that would not run so great on my jumble of gaming box hardware. The game that made that fellow's name and career is Warzone 2100, a true classic game, and it's been freed! You can play Warzone on your box just as soon as you download it, lacking only the movies!

After all of this I can't even bring myself to yammer on about Oblivion patches and mods. Google turned up a lot of good links, and if any of it works, I will let you know. (The Unofficial Offical oblivion Path seem pretty good so far).Need game icon?