November 25th, 2007

Mac OS X

Bridged Networking, Leopard, Parallels 3 5160

I'm also experiencing trouble with shared networking on Leopard (10.5.1, 9B18). This is on a 17" Mac Book Pro Core Duo 2.16 with full 2GB RAM, Parallels 3 build 5160.

I used the sudo script above, and it seem to help, as both of my Parallels network interfaces went green for the first time in awhile (both have 10.x.x.x addresses?), but bridged networking is still not working (clicking over to shared restarts the network and works fine.)

More specifically with ISC dhclient v3.05-RedHat (from Fedora 7) and bridged networking to my Airport I get :
DHCPREQUEST on eth0 [broadcast]
DHCPDISCOVER on eth0 [broadcast]
send_packet: Network is down
[keeps trying, times out]

As noted, clicking over to Shared Networking works, and a get a lease to a 10.x.x.x network quickly. (this complicates some network software I'm troubleshooting a fair bit, adding a second layer of NAT...) I'd be happy to provide more data, or try this in some other guest OS, or even a debugging image if it would help you track it down.

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re: #5083 Presence doesn't work through a Firewall

I have similar issues (with eg joyride 336) running in my emu (Parallels). I am online, able to ping and even netcat (yum install nc) to 5223 but I don't get anyone in Neighborhood.

There were some warnings are errors in the log file for chat, particularly one about the owner.key not being found in (eg) /activities/uid_to_home/1001 (etc), and after fighting with that for a bit I disabled Rainbow ( mv /etc/olpc-security /root ; reboot ) and that eliminated the errors from the log but it still does not detect any one other than me.

I think the double NAT is causing the trouble, but I haven't pinned it down yet, sorry.
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