November 21st, 2007


Hmph.. no changes yet

Spent several hours in a barely productive and rather circular argument (pleasant enough, but not a discussion per se) about housing situations.

I transferred some data to another party that they did not have, discovered a thing or two I hadn't seen before (a handy simile), and acquired some figures which do not make up the majority of the considerations, but I did not have before.

It was tiresome overall, and not helpful, sorry. In short it seems that I ought to move, but don't much want to. Therefore various options presented are insufficiently appealing to overcome institutional inertia.

A "Monte Cristo" sandwich is a tasty thing that I probably won't ever order again. Still, it's worth a try if you haven't.

And now to try and get something Productive done in the remainder of the day. Or just play the damned video game some more.
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I just can't see any way from here to over there. It seems a lovely place to be, and sounds much more 'right' in some ways (yet not at all in others).

Had a delicious dinner of two QuickTrip hot dogs, with mustard (hold the nasty plastic boxes) and some 'honeyed green tea'-esque beverage. (FUZE with Anti-Oxidants! Lord knows my intestynes were in danger of rusting, what a relief)

The H2G2 movie was fabulous, and now I have mild violent feelings and some concern for those of you who may have said otherwise. The Atlanta episode of "Murder, She Wrote" was kind of weak.

There was no Productivity after the larpiness last night. Instead I logged onto SL to shop try our new software gadgets, and flirt with strangers and acquaintances alike.

As am I to do now. Perhaps I will be able to eep it to two hours and then get some reading done, if only the fluff Sagan bits.