November 10th, 2007


"No, thanks. You can leave now."

Ah the clarity of hindsight..

As I was leaving the house to go to work tonight, I was surprised to hear sotto_voce speaking to someone. When I made it out front and asked, she said "There were people." meaning, I thought, the generic Asian neighbours. I quipped that she shouldn't speak, it would startle them. A few moments later while were bemoaning the early November Christmas decorations at some retail store, I was addressed unclearly by a man in a bulky winter coat and fuzzy hat who was walking up the sidewalk holding what looked like a large bag of potato chips. I somehow encouraged him to repeat himself and he intoned "Need your car cleaned for the holidays?" (I think).

To which I repiled with some sharpness, as above, "No thanks. You can leave now."

And, to her exclamation of mild dismay, I climbed in the car and we both left. This kicked off an entire complex of ethical and political thoughts.
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Aaaaaaaugh. Shut up brain!
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Help Request: Move a big TV

Hey all,

Who can come by Norcross anytime between, say, Tue and Th, any week this month to help me move a telly into the car, and then probably into the house?

Please comment, call or IM! You can have the TV if you want ;)
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