October 25th, 2007


Food for Winter.. well, November at least

So, I need to plan, plot, and then purchase my food for November, both for at work and not at work. (If you've been skimming (*tsk*) I'm switching work schedules again next week.)

I'm trying to keep intake under 1.3 kilocalories, which is about a regular day now on this schedule, but the days will be longer, and I will definitely need (much more) caffeine, so tea and cocoa, for sure.

Previously I've bought sets of rice bowls, pasta bowls, and canned soup. And often did two small meals a day, hopefully spaced out, with only a bit of snacking. Towards the end of the last run on that schedule, I mixed in some little Jellos and some applesauce, and that went well. (For any of more recent associations, I don't eat many vegetables intentionally, and my meaty diet is starch heavy.) On this schedule I have been rarely eating at home, having (at home) toast, waffle and cereal (raisin bran), and hardly ever anything else like pita/hummous or the tuna pasta .. thing I made Monday.

Back in the good news, I hardly ever have soda, and have all but sworn off corn syrup. This pretty much leaves me drinking milk, water, tea, coffee, and nearly authentic fruit juices. Which is good.

Last go round we ended up ordering pizza (PapaJohns.com) one night a week, and munching on it for a couple days as it lasted. I ate my usual Hawaiian (pineapple and ham) or tried one of the fancier pies, like the Chicken Spinach Alfredo, which is damn tasty but doesn't have the shelf life of the hawaiian.

I am trying to back off the fat intake some, and have tried to watch out for extra cheeze, extra mayonnaise, and am buying the watery milk solution (skim). I like all kinds of ethnic and foreign food, but very little of it is an option for at work (microwave) or even at home ...

So, I think I need to buy/restock for work:

Dry Goods: canned soup (light coloured, thin broth wherever possible), pasta bowls (this includes asian-esque noodle products as well), cocoa and tea, jellos, applesauces, condiments for work cooking (soy, pepper, garlic powder, possibly a mustard ..), dog buns

Chilled: thin milk, kosher dogs, jellos, applesauce, applejuice

and Pack in: bowls, mug(s), spoons, etc

Your thoughts please?
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