September 6th, 2007


On Vox: Vox Deium: This Is Classic TV

QotD: What television show stands the test of time?


Covering topics of war, death, life, love, loss, and even the happy stuff too on occasion, MASH not only implements the classic themes of literature and human existence but does so with poignancy and rare talent.

The writing and performances both of this show have already guaranteed it a long life.  It's in syndication somewhere, always, and has been released on video and DVD in its entirety, I believe.

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And this week at work

I try to consciously put effort into doing more and slacking less, and we are stupid busy for most of the day, each day.

So, of course I end up doing 7 things at once, misplace my brain and make inexplicably stupid mistakes.

And get 'written up'.

I have suggested to co-worker that maybe next week I will go back to trying 'not quite so' hard.