August 6th, 2007


Media Consumption Update

Gravedancers (from FearNet, unfortunately) was quite well executed and fun to watch. Jumpy and scary in places, but with an interesting little plot and victims who make good choices, mostly .. not that it helps :D

Reincarnation (ibid, although with less jamming) was really good, if you happen to enjoy creepy perception-twisty Japanese movies with creepy little girl (and creepy doll too!). Also, a minimum of three lovely Japanese actresses does not hurt at all.

Babylon 5: Lost Tales: Voices in the Dark: the first new Bab 5 material in several years, this DVD has two stories that lightly connect with each other (call them the B story and the A story). Both stories are quite nifty in their own regard, in terribly different ways. I much prefer the A story, with the weight of the galaxy on President Sheridan's good-humoured but sagging shoulders. 'Bonus materials' include some cute behind the scenes interviews and moving tributes to the cast members who have passed on.

I'm still in the middle of Kushiel's Scion, perhaps I will make some progress of that today now that I paid some bills.

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