June 7th, 2007


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  • new music4
  • other new media to consume (books, vids, games, usw.)
  • a clean house3, clean car2
  • unstructured time in which to consume media, study, write, and hack
  • The ability to actually do those things when I have the time
  • money for college classes (online, about 1400 USD each)
  • capital, to pay off debt and invest in projects
  • silly stuff (fancy food, clothes, decor, gadgets, toys ...)
  • willpower
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  • local storage server 1
  • to learn how to relax intentionally, if not on cue
  • one gadget to replace sidekick, palm, phone, ipod, 770 and ... with usable PIM apps, functioning input, some kind of network access and a usable API/ SDK ...
  • fluency in any one of the languages I screw around in, or collect three more
  • an app to practice alephbets that are not Japanese (could lrnj.com be used?)
  • finish hacking through PragProg ESR in Ruby and then do it all in perl and bash too.
  • redo my website
  • conjure a community on my board


1: I may just format a usb hardrive as ZFS for now..

2: I have planned to do this this month anyway.

3: Trying to book this in.

4: New to me that is,w hich is not hard to do. Most anything pretty will do. Soundtracks (scores), particularly anime are welcome.

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