May 1st, 2007


Bah. So...

Got up on time (too soon), and piddled about. Too sleepy to do much, but bored as well. Played soem warcrack, grinding a new toon up to 6 didn't help.

So, nuked some lasagna coloured breen (plus bread and applesauce), grabbed a Vault (euch), turned off the air, tuened on the lights, got dressed, and came downstairs. TV isn't safe yet so I'm watching random Alias off of TiVo.

May try to watch my other Netflick later, Swimming Pool. Pirates of the Carribean was lots of fun. May grind some toons some more. Warcrack is up in June, and I'll not renew, I'm sure.

  • Current Music
    Alias - "Authorized Personnel Only" (2005)