April 3rd, 2007


Weird dreams

So our heroes narrowly escape after some sort of amazing tactical victory (think A New Hope, although I'm certain the scene is not from there), and land at a port. There a couple of vendors standing idly near the dock, one in a land speeder, but he doesn't have anything interesting. We're in Thailand, I think.

Walking into town I spy a cafe and make my way in. I order something very simple, and offer to pay in American, since I don't understand the local currency. I am presented with the credit card console instead, with lots of polite smiling (The deal with plenty of Yanks). I place my card atop it and start pushing buttons and fidgeting at it trying to get it to work. A few tries later, as I am about to reach for a different card, the papasan wanders near the counter (where I have been hovering) and I sign failure/ignorance and slide it back over to him. He punches buttons swiftly and starts giggling with his daughter about nine millions, that's a lot of $currency.

The fight with the credit card machine gets tangled up with a Sidekick debugging session, or that is just crossways in my head. I do remember flipping some small handheld tech and tapping it's reset button, which brought it back to unlife, only to show a crash message for some X application, press any key to continue. I flip open the keyboard and smacked the any key ... definitely Sidekick formf actor, but the splash screen displayed a logo for a platform I didn't recognize and can't recall. Started with an 'M'.

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And downstairs (not the apt but some imaginary huge house) there are the family come home to visit, and a cat climbs down through the stove hood and the stove and comes out for greetings. This does not perturb anyone much.

And some time around then, I woke up. And a bit later, phone and IM dragged me out of bed, but I wanted to get this down.