February 20th, 2007


Is this one a post?

Resumed primary metabolic functions around 0430. Came downstairs, washed dishes and tidied kitchen, including finally washing my Wok from Tues (last) stir-fry experiment (no casualities). Had to get sinks clear first... *grumble*

Am annoyed at roomie for continued slack re: kitchen, dishes, and trash, particularly given the financial situation.. I'm trying to sort out how to communicate this to him without pesky emotional overlays.

I'm trying to get in a few episodes of Irasshai (off my old VHS bootlegs) as part of the "study Japanese so I feel less guilt" plan. A bit of Irasshai, some LRNJ, and hopefully a few more aleph-bets this week should keep that part of my conscience soothed.

And so the week begins with studying Japanese off the terebi and being annoyed at roomie. Certainly not as pleasant as the beginnings of some other days of late, but I'll take it ..

My oatmeal (from a packet) is essentially un-ornamented, and made with water besides. And I let it get cold while washing the wok.

Dreams were Collapse )

And here's more Irasshai...