January 29th, 2007


日本人 おたく でわ ない です!


After reading somewhat less than half of ブリーチ(Bleach) ... and just now catching up on Megatokyo ... I have to say, MT is drawn backwards, and it really aggravated my headache!

Oh, and the Bleach manga is, through book 10 anyway, quite similar to the anime version. The fight scenes are drawn very forcefully and look quite dramatic, but I prefer the anime ones I can, well, follow...

Kana sound effects are really tough to read, and then make no sense at all.. I need to dig out that book soon. And scanned Furigana is .. just teasing, really so I've been reading the scanlations more than I meant to and peering at the raws.

right, Bleach.. some of the names (people, places, weapons) are different than the anime, and some are just spelled oddly (well, to me). Some things have more than one name, one of which they used in the anime, and the other(s) they don't.

The manga is definitely kinkier and more (feh) 'adult' oriented than the anime. I nearly want to review some of the early eps to see what the frack they did have the character say then, since I'm sure I'd have remembered a suggestion of gang rape. Or another threat from the token lesbian of Orahime being bound and tickled. すき ですね?

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