January 25th, 2007



No, that throat clearing is literal. Throat is sore, but other symptoms seems to have wandered off (energy level indeterminate). At the moment tummy seems to be behaving and head and neck don't hurt appreciably. A bit of coughing now, and that is new, throat has been sore and mouth dry since Tu at least...

Apparently I curled up on the couch and crashed about time roomie went off to dinner, leading to a silly remark when they/he got back..as the Kitteh had curled up on the other couch in a similar manner .. those who have seen me sleep on couches will realise this is hardly unusual .. expect maybe for Kitteh.

Forceably went wandering about shopping yesterday, and ate some. Was up all day sort of from 8 AM through the couch curling incident, which was in the middle of the Vlad movie.

I think I mostly woke up, or at least got and got the laptop, juie, and oatmeal because I had to flip away from the Vonage propaganda on SciFi to [as] on Toon.

Fingernails are black. That was a bit jarring to wake up to. And there's "Fukai Mori" and now Voltron.

Ah well, back to trying not to be sick, which has been my full-time occupation this week. At least my crazy has not leaked out again yet. I guess that was Tuesday.
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