January 14th, 2007


Friday night?

This is going to be a long night, and I am already tired.

It's Friday for me, so waking up early to go hang out with friends was not likely, but I set the alarm back an hour on the off chance ..

Two different calls during the day woke me up, both I needed to call back. Confirmed vet appointment for Kitteh in the morning with mom, and agreed to check voicemail and call back later on the other. Back to sleeeeeeep.

At 1700 I woke up long enough to set the alarm for 18:35 and pass back out. (すしが出羽ありません).
At 18:30 I crawled out of bed, stopped by the loo, and lumbered downstairs. I glorphed some Raisin Blagh, watched a couple minutes of a bad movie ("Boo" on SciFi), and skipping my exercises, got dressed and headed in. I listened to a couple lousy stories from Sonic Fiction on the way in, and pleasantly enough got in on time (25 min ahead of my shift) for once.

I was pretty damn tired, but moving. I dropped my crap, and set down to check voicemail.
Even though it came through a little crackled, I deleted it immediately, not wanting to review.
I came close to tears. Called, talked, heard the story, injected a few chuckles ... Tossed back my cocoa (which I'd concocted before calling).

And let them go as 2000 rolled and the talk in the NOC had switched from munitions to something more work-related (Warcrack?). Took over some tickies, waved to the day crew, and here I am.

'Bout twelve hours to go and I am exhausted. I better go get those tarts out of the toaster.
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