November 30th, 2006


New pants!

I'm wearing some of my new pants today (came in Monday), and I quite like them. They're a little louder than I expected, but it's okay:

In related news, work schedule is changing dramatically. I'll have more time off, but the hours are a bit weird.

Books: I finished A Feast for Crows (wow ...) and ripped through the Kevin Smith essay collection in two nights. Kevin's columns were fun to read, but his interviews with Affleck and Cruise were just creepy. I am starting back in on Cadfael three, and am making no progress on any non-fiction .. outside of work where my studies of arcane magics (sed and awk) proceed slowly. song | sed -e s/\"//g | pbcopy

Movies: Pi was interesting if hard to watch in places, Josie and the Pussycats was fantastic, just very well-executed and fun (and I need the soundtrack), Roswell disc one was pretty neat.

Warcraft is pretty if a bit dull at times and Final Fantasy IX is the only FF game I've played that compares in any way to the fun I had with FF VI... XII does look damnably pretty, though.

Music: Daughter Darling's Sweet Shadows has been very pleasant to listen to and the Emiliana Torrini earned a place in my primary playlist. I have opened but not listened to Michael Roderick's Open Letters. I should probably just put it in on the drive home tonight.

Practice continues on various fronts, and there has even been some exercise, but there will need to be more to become comfortable in these pants. (usw)
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