October 25th, 2006


A post!

Behold, a post, with words.

I just met some of the night crew. That was entertaining, to say the least. And now, having relieved them, I have the con. *whimper*

The new gig is going pretty well. There's so much for me to learn about local procedures and well, locations of things, but the people are cool and very helpful.

Elsemush, things have been quite pleasant. I have found some people to pleasantly pass time with, and that leads me to the theme for this time period: practice.

I'm getting in good practice at being social and nice, at being sweet and friendly to folk (one in particular, it seems), good (if rough) practice getting up every day (in the morning even) and coming in .. and at work, I'm stretching and sharpening my kung fu in many directions, already starting to gain experience on some tools I hadn't messed with to any depth before.

In related news, MySQL decided % did not include localhost last night. This led to some frustration, as well as me leaving an hour late, but the teamlead helped me out, and got the work completed (went on for another hour after I left, apparently, yikes.).

P.S.: My Vicki's order came in, but I haven't opened any of the little plastic bags yet.

P.P.S.: E: Package iceweasel has no installation candidate