September 30th, 2006



Crawled out of bed successfully (second time) a bit after three (15). I got started moving a little, and put away the rest of the clothes, and started some laundry.

Got a phone call closer to 4 that had me open my mouth, so after that I went down and got some cereal.

I'm piddling at the 'puter, and trying to keep the laundry moving *oops*
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[adric] here. I got word from danuv (through betnybean) that you'd get more out of my resume this weekend, rather than waiting a few more days for a better looking one. I've updated my old code with the new data, and put HTML and PDF up on my site at I have also attached both to this mail.

Let me know if you'd like to see anything else. Of course I can provide a proper cover letter if you want one. I'm still polishing my documentation on all of the stuff I did the last couple years, and I can get letters of reference, if you'd like (In fact, they broke one of the servers already, and I am going in tonight as a contractor to try and save it ).

Thank you,
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