September 27th, 2006


Day 3 begins

Am out of bed at about 1400. Stayed in bed past sleep, so muscles are a bit quirky. Stomach and throat seem okay.

It occurred to me as dawn approached (an Av from the UK was skipping breakfast at the time..) that the splitting headache I developed last night was likely enhanced be me not eating much of anyting at all yesterday, so I'm headed down for some cereal now. Yesterday's intake: three (?) jars of diluted OJ, a wrap sandwich, plus one more wrap.

There was a great deal more BDSM SL silliness yesterday, last night, and even a bit more this morning early.
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Day 3, Part2: We venture outside briefly

Got showered and dressed and went over to visit for a little while. Took a quick call from my idiot brother on the way out the door (got married, apparently) and paused to toss a squishy white parcel upstairs on my way out. Played cards, ate a sundae under duress, and stepped around family drama (her relations) before heading out. The 'news' broadcast of the school incident had me wanting to grind my teeth. Retired general officers second guessing a battle is one foolish thing, but having 'hostage negotiation experts' ramble on about tactics and make bad jokes was just awful.

Took an entire hour to get back home. I hadn't experienced the magnificent-ness of Spaghetti Junction at 1900 in some time. Don't miss it even a little bit. Got home and tossed squishy parcel on the bed. Apparently the frilly thigs I ordered from the costume shop just raced over here. The package feels pretty just to squeeze, so I'm saving it for later.

Have had the big bowl of cheerios, a QT hotdog, some OJ and water thus far. Oh, and a small hot fudge sundae (McDonald's).

Am now doing some of the data merge, and trying to work up to polishing up the 2006 data. Word is that the dogcows are in motion, so I may get a letter soon to carry up the street.

Will undoubtedly log on to SL later and see who is hanging out at the Ranch.
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