September 13th, 2006



Left work earlyish (21:30), due in part to the Internet breaking. Came home, watched some 4400, got online.

Had some nice chats. One a little fun, one quite long and meandering and pleasant (I think I got a litle NRE off that one, also exchnaging philosophy links is way hot) and one with da boss. Da boss is currently the guy in the office handling the stress least well, at least by appearances, and thus it was actually good to talk to him about that for a bit. If only to tell him that everybody knows he's being an ass because the stress is getting to him, but still, an ass.

At about 2, after 2 twilight zone eps ("Number 12 Looks Just Like You" waaay creepy, and some other) I went upstairs to read for a bit. I had a little bit of nervous energy, and did not feel tired per se. I read a few chapters of A Storm of Swords, and eyes dropping slightl turned out the main light, crawled into bed. May have been 3.

At a few minutes before 8:30, the alarm sounded, and I got up, stepped over there and pushed the button. First time this merely turned on it's radio, so I smacked it again correctly. Without taking any reading I crawled back into bed. NPR was yammering news-like data. An hour or so later I woke up again, and my stomach was annoyed. I took a soak, hoping to also get a chance to clean up a bit, but ended up just trying to relax, adn thereby used the last of my Mr Bubble without gain.

It's 10:30 now, and I think I can get dressed and go on in after some cereal (Maybe the roomie will come too). Actually, I am insistent on that point. Waking up too early and not feeling well enough to just rush out the door and go is okay. A hour later after after a bath and a spot of breakfast .. is not. (And this is hardly the worst episode, so fuck it.)

Good news! Thinkgeek order came.. In fact that may have been the 9:30 wakeup, DHL ringing the door.. *cuts open box* .. *cuts open polybag?!* ... ooh they are cute, and only the slightest bit snug. (Probably a feature).

The rain sounds nice. When I was upstairs typing in the bulk of this entry, the rain was softer (walls) and blended with the sound of the bubbles melting quite pleasantly.
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