May 20th, 2006



Ahem. I have roommates coming and going this and next weekend. I could use some spare hands moving crap about today (Sat), tomorrow (Sun) and then again next weekend.

I can feed and refresh any volunteers, of course. I could really use the help, lest I end up with a small house with 2.75 people worth of crap in it for a week or two ... so far the cat is taking to the new kitchen furnishings okay, but ..

Call, IM or respond to this post please.

In related news, the vanity is now downstairs.

Later: Got cat stuff, milk, apfelsaft, and socks at Target. Bins are way too expensive, as is plastic furniture for now. I need to go appropriate some boxes and bins from work. I did see some really cute pink leads at SuperTarget on the dog aisle for 10 to 12 bucks, but of course there's no pic on the website.
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lists of evil
export cat output
get bins and boxes
collect sexy assistants
comp desk (saw?)
monitor(s), printer
barbie, flotsam
bookshelf -> boxes
closet clothes, stuff
chest of drawers -> boxes
clothes -> bins, boxes
bed drawers -> boxes
bed cleared, stripped
nightstand(s) emptied, cleared
toys -> boxes -> closet
cat!! -> other bathroom
bathroom cleared, boxed
bins from attic down
chest of drawers: cleared, boxed

chest -> downstairs
nightstand cleared -> downstairs
small shelf -> boxed
clothes -> bagged, binned
bins -> downstairs
bathroom -> bagged/boxed
closet hanging clothes -> downstairs
closet bins -> boxed
closet shoe tree -> bin
fan -> out (Sun)
kb, monitor, mouse, speakers -> bin
sat receivers -> attic
living room?
kitchen: pots, pans
keyboard, stand ->
and then ... the cleaning .. *whimper*
* Many thanks and moderate-sized favours owed to cosmiclola and bludmewn</lj></lj>