February 5th, 2006


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What's so wrong with wanting to stay under the furs where it's warm and the cat is purring?

Getting up seems ... overrated. Of course, now I'm hungry. Bah. *yawns*

Update: Commercials. television advertisements may be enough to get me off the couch.

i should get up, grab a book and my pants, and go to a restaurant.

Update: After some banking (ouch) and hearing the lineup (Shadow, Frighteners, Species, ST: First Contact)
on SciFi, maybe I'll just scrounge around here for foodage. More spaghetti? Sure, why not. Not out of Ragu yet.
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After dinner reading

This enquiry into the dimensionality of time might make a good transition into your after dinner reading. I made it through the introductory slides with some understanding, at least.

Now to try and read some Penrose, or perhaps a few more pages of Twisty Little Passages.
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    SciFi - Species