January 28th, 2006


OKCupid some more..

I have taken at least a dozen of their quizzes tonight.


My Overall profile has gone from The Boy Scout (old system) to Boy Next Door (Jan 2004), and now :

Cupid - Free Online Dating and Match

which probably just means I should try again later, when I am in a different mood. It doesn't seem to fit me (click the image or try here: http://www.okcupid.com/personality?type=DGLD&g=1&o=1 )
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Driving all over creation, check.

Switched out the indian kilt, ended up with an L, as S was way too small, and M didn't quite fasten. I was able to eventually find the place after stopping for lunch and calling betnybean/arimathea. I always have the damnedest time finding that place. It's exit 84, Salem Road. They have, as reported elsewhere, gone Indian. The place looks nicer, but .. well the licenses are out of control. I don't want to say, but I did unsheath it briefly, as if to confirm it's unholy existence. Of the two, I don't know which I handled. There was a pile of them in boxes with a few out in sheaths. By all the Nine Hells ... *sigh*

Got to listen to the rest of Anda's Game, and all of the Liz Phair iTunes 'album'. In addition to the tasty autobiographical interview clips, there were some new and old tracks I hadn't heard, including some stuff off the new new album, "Somebody's Miracle." Apparently the whole new album is her lamenting how she has been unable to keep up any of her long-term relationships (including her marriage). It's .. wow, it just hurts in places to listen to (not a new thing for the artist's music, but noteworthy). I haven't the experiences she has, and my problems are not the same as hers, but I have enough experience to feel a piece of what she describes. Ow. It's making me a little apprehensive about getting the new new album. I'll think I'll hold off on it for a bit longer. This is a good idea. On a related note, iTMS is _evil_ because it makes small immoral acts too easy to resist. Jon, please be so kind as to get Hymn caught up with Steve, kthx

Drove all the way from the castle in Conyers to work. Yay stupid people who failed kindergarden but have cars somehow. Boo continual road destruction.

Now at work, after posting this, I need to actually try and do some work. This will probably involve setting up the test network, or some fragment of it so than I can poke Mac OS X Server with a stick. A stick I may sharpen first, yes... *growl*

And later, I do still quite intend to go to Turtle House later this evening.

Much, much later:0500 Sun: Back to the couch and kitteh, having passed from Norcross through Coyers to Alpharetta to Marietta to Lithonia and back Norcross. Despite not knowing it was a graded assignment and needing a shower quite badly, I received relatively high marks from both judges (B+ and 'Very good"). I got to talk to a few people I hadn't had a conversation with in five years or so, including one individual who I had never actually had the opportunity to converse with before, with whom it seems I may have some things in common. Tired, crashing soon