January 3rd, 2006


This Weekend?

I read the second volume of the Babylon 5 scripts, watched many hours of Twilight Zone ( and a little Naruto). I played a little Dungeon Siege II (demo) and it drove me back to Dungeon Siege, where I finally finished the Utreaen campaign. I poked at a couple DS one mods, including a Diablo II-esque one called Elemental which was pretty nifty (in alpha). I played a great deal of Darwinia which is both rewarding and quite frustrating (damnable triffids).

I went to Wal-Mart on the evening of New Year's. It was crowded, mildly surreal, and generally uninteresting.

Today I drove for about two hours, resulting in ferrying T and B back up to her car so they could go home after their holiday.

Tonight I poked at my OkCupid profile and read over a few profiles of the suggested matches. I respect the site admin's mathematical abilities but fear I have given them too little useful data to work with.

It is about time for a new website. I shall have to write up some more interesting bits before I do that though. Here's the stuff that's up there now: Collapse )
Happy New Year all!
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