August 29th, 2005



The cat was no help, and so I climbed out of bed a few minutes before eleven. I got on the road only to hit absurd traffic and so I got to work at 12:15. Even before I get in I have heard that folks are having trouble with mail (We switched mail servers over the weekend, so I was expecting that). I was surprised to see a team of guys carrying old computer junk into the office I usually occupy and stacking it up. While they filled in our office with old mac crap, I spent the next couple of hours straight running around the building massaging users' mail settings for SMTP (take out the server that doesn't work), outright configuring mail on a couple (I guess they weren't here at all the last couple weeks, missed both meetings and don't read their email either?), and teching other random user troubles.

With no hope of escape for me, we ordered a pie and thus got to talk the driver through finding the office (It's a two-story building that fronts on the street..) and I ran around some more while chewing on bread sticks (Mmm garlic slime .. ). Users present mail addresses and features that they use every week that I've never heard of, having only been here a year now. Around one of these presentations (getting mail working on her Treo 650), the company co-owner with the psychology hobby asks me about her. He seems to be trying to find out if I'm interested in her in some sense. I answer a couple more questions by pointing out that I'm not social much, and I don't usually approach people (giving me a chance to point out betnybean's lousy taste in men, by way of reminding him how I met her, and which upon consideration he agrees with) and he says, "She was asking about you." I clarify his antecedant (with initials for some reason?) and reply non-committally. Shortly he wanders off, and leaves for the day soon after that. I may have to mail him and ask what he's up to with all that.

More troubleshooting random mail crap ensues and eventually I get ahead of it and get a chance to catch up on /. and lj for the weekend. POP is turned on (argh!) and then off again fairly shortly (yay!). Towards five they (the users) all start drifting away and by eight or so, they are all gone. My brain finally kicks into second gear and I realize the solution to one domain's problem was presented hours ago. I check the damn dns records and sure enough the external facing zonefile is wrong. Fix it, restart bind. Go back in and change the serial in the zone (Why do I always forget that?) and restart bind again. More webcomics. Time passes, more employees leave. In the meantime I've covered half a whiteboard in enumerations of database objects' attributes, which is actually work under my job description... I finished off the last bread stick and slice just before starting this entry.

And now I have the building to myself, which is never much fun. This place is creepy. I'm going to try and sketch some more on these entities and copy it all down, and then I'll probably head out. I have been here into the witching hours before and it really was .. disconcerting.

Oh, there seems to be a high school reunion for us coming up. If you care and didn't get the card, drop me a note and I'll forward you the details.

Update, Tue 12:15: I had typo'd the domain name in the vhosts table for that domain. Fixed, working. Now I get to update the reverse external to try and convince aohell to take mail from us ...
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