March 16th, 2005


On the subject of Religious Education..

You may tell a new Seeker (or a child) this:

The Universe is a big place full of wonder and mystery. As you Seek
to understand the Universe, you will encounter other Seekers who will
have their own beliefs. These beliefs will be, as is the Universe,
many and varied. The variance of beliefs and the power they hold
is a part of the mystery of the Universe, and so is the spiritual
strength that can be drawn from strong belief.

There is one error in belief that you must avoid, and that you must tolerate
in believers. Many believers believe that they have found the Answer.
This is a wonderous thing, and you should listen to, and respect their
Answers. Unfortunately, many believers also think that their Answer
is the only one, and that all other Answers are wrong.

In this they are tragically mistaken. All Answers are right, except when they
determine that they alone are right.

Another snippet:
We hold Seekers and Seeking (the Search) to be more sacred than any Deity.