June 18th, 2004



spanish book busywork
read more jane
run home and get chair
check news feeds
move laundry thru
put some (my) clothes up
put roller up
move router
read more Virtual Light
tidy downstairs
this week's Garfield
Wipe all counters/sinks
Mop hardwoods w/ those things
Dust all wood tables w/ Pledge
Get all laundry done and put away
Make her bed
Straighten her dresser
Buy Vaccuum tonight and vaccuum
Shop for party food/drink
farmers market
Buy long matches
Look for asian wall art
Look for china cabinet stuff
Fake greenery/plants for kitchen ledges

bath, shower
post list to LJ
sort spam (ongoing)
1rst jane snip
Make her bed
spanish cd busywork
read both class forums
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    drip, drip (and Groove Salad)