May 15th, 2004


Espanol, y otra lenguas [Spanish, and other tongues]

I was given some fairly good arguments in favour of English/Spanish/Japanese last evening. The personal one is that I already have a foothold in those three, and expect to have great difficulty learning a mainland Chinese language when I do try. The political one is that in the last couple centuries, [the] German and Japanese [people] have been much more widespread, and therefore more useful in commerce.

I have started in on the VHS for my upcoming Spanglish class, Destinos, and three espsodios in, I'm starting to dredge up the Spanish deep in my brain.

There has been some interest amongst a few of you in learning Spanish. It would be helpful to me to throw some tutorials (in lieu of doing homework, &c ). If you'd be interested, comment or email with availability. Hopefully we can find some time every week (or so) so that I can run through the basics with a few of you. And you can watch the tapes, which are actually pretty cool.

Oh, and thank you all for your comments on the photos. *blush*