April 12th, 2004


Monday (post Fantasm post) Post

Survived and in fact enjoyed the con. And no one died, at least not by my hands..

Got to run into and/or hug almost everyone I know in this town, or so it seemed. That alone would have made it worth going, and there was some other fun stuff including some panels and demos.

Am effectively broke for the moment. In related news, it looks like I will be in this general vicinity for the medium term.

My primary web and mail have finished moving. The spam-laden primary address will work reliably for a few months now without my interference. I still need to update the bookmarks and the content is generally stale, but wtfe. Will uploaded new snapshot soon, I think.

Welcome (once more) to new (and renewed readers). Tell me what you are looking for (in this journal?) and I'll help you find it.