March 20th, 2004


Saturday Night

Well, I am briefly happy to be unemployed, thanks to news about former beneficent employer. Check Slashdot or ask me if you want/need to know. (If you work there, you probably already know. If not, ask me?)

Other than that there's almost nothing going on. Going to test out of a bunch of courses at the tech school this week, and then we can haggle money (finally). The backup plan is to take some classes at GPC, which'd be cheaper, and wouldn't involve any VB. Appealing option.

I will apparently be going to Fantasm. Be afraid, and know that I am as well.

I'm in the third book of the Ringworld trilogy. It's quite good. I'm also near the end of Revolt in 2100, which is inspiring, in some odd ways. And I'm up to episode 10 of Hikaru No Go.

Now people are arriving, so I'll cut this off.