February 4th, 2004


No updates

I've been losing repeated skirmishes with my metabolism, waking up at strange hours, and then not being able to back to bed for twenty hours or so. (eg: Yesterday I woke up at 0100 (AM) and managed to watch TV and play NWN all the way through to about 2000 (8PM) before crashing (just missed you, sophocles), and then, this morning I woke up in the 400 (AM) hour, and I am now out of bed, in most senses). And cramps. Ugh.

I have gotten to see some good bad TV (eg: some Eris episodes of Hercules:TLJ), and renewed my affection for Sliders. Also, I've been playing through some really well-done modules for Neverwinter Nights. I'll blurb the latest ones in their own post, as I'm coming towards the climax of ee2 (sequel to ee). Oh, and I figured out a few more bits of data on one story, and composed an ambitious plan for rearrange the room's furniture, with a possibility of getting something different to sleep on.

And that's it. I haven't been out of the house since Fri (when I slept through margarita_fri by waking up at 2200 (10 PM)). Just for emphasis, let me say that this sucks. And the file cabinet is in fact, still in the truck.

You, y'all ?
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Plan for today

  • Feel less-bad.. (progressing)

  • Watch Sliders (on now)

  • Get cleaned up a bit (took bath)

  • lunch (hot dogs)

  • take procrastinated practice test** (ugh. 161, 85th percentile)

  • call some of those people in that list(calls out to a few)

  • find out how little money I have left(done)

Kisses to arie for telling me the numbers, and pointing out the answer sheet on p 31 OOOXXX ! ** Could someone do me a medium size favour? Grab the PDF and tell me how many questions are in each section so I can make an answer sheet without looking at the test? TIA
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