December 7th, 2003


Meta, and

"My database does not encompass the dynamics of human pair-bonding." --T 101, T3

Trimmed some accounts off the 'friends' list. Most of you will not notice the difference. You are welcome to continue to read this, and you won't miss anything, as I don't post to ACLs much. Anyone know what's up with boondocks, or where Opus might be?

Phone died, finally, yesterday, but lives once more.

Finally took the time to tickle the mailserver. Things may work better now. Trying to avoid reading someone else's mail is annoying. Oh well, may as well make use of this mailbox while I've it open... Well, that doesn't seem to work .. *fidget* .. that did .. *tap* ... hmmmmmm

Need apple juice, and food. Still trying not to get sick. Bah. Still haven't gone home, or told anyone there about not having job. If house guest is still there (my twin uncle) I am in no hurry. At last glance he was also unemployed, living with my parents, and nursing some respiratory ailment. We also look quite a bit alike, and have other problems in common, although he is almost 50 and I'm almost 30 years old.

Saw T3. Actaully it's on again now over there *gesture*. Hillarious film. In particular the foley and dialogue are comedic genius in places. It is a comedy, right?