December 5th, 2003


It was fun while ...

Don't mind the second part of the previous post, as the travel plans have changed once again. She has to work that week, and I don't. New mad plan may have me travelling, but read on for more exciting logistical data...

I didn't do too badly. I spent more than I should've, but I still managed to get some needed clothes, a couple books, a couple video games, and a new clutch (oh and water pump, hoses, s belt, t belt, filters, and fluids) for the truck. I also got caught up on all my payments, and killed off one creditor (er, account) entirely. I probably shouldn't have bought into the Apple thing, although as a down payment on a new machine it's not wasted. It will be trickier for me to buy a new machine now, and I am likely going to have to do so... I paid cash for everything the whole run, and put nothing new of any substance on credit. So, not too bad. I would've liked to have been more frugal. Of course I would've also liked to have made it three months on that gig. I never really believed it, and my disbelief was only just starting to slip this last week. Pessimistic paranoia doesn't cushion the blows, it just lets you know what's going to hit you, and generally when. Knowing it's going to happpen doesn't make it any easier to take, ironically enough.

So, (if I'm being effectively obtuse) I got fired, and I don't feel well (no one did this week anyway with heads and throats and the cold), and I have to figure out some crap now that last week I could've put off for a few more months.

*contemplates the dreaded comment-lock*
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