November 29th, 2003


Saturday already?

Well, so far this (long) weekend, I have been only mildly productive. I have almost finished Hacker's Challenge 2. I watched Knocking on Heaven's Door (subbed). I've made some halting progress on NWN's oginal campaign with help from the forums. And I went to watch them drink margaritas, which turned out to more exciting than expected. Thank you for having me along. Hope everyone is feeling better, and that you don't wake up for many hours yet.

Hopefully today I will get some buying done, but not much shopping. I need to buy some pants, and some other crap I've been putting off. If this demo version of Generals plays, I'll probablly have to buy it too. I think Dad will like it, actually, although I've never gotten him into an RTS.

Sunday Update: I got Linux Server Hacks(ORA) at the mall, and pre-ordered Underdark (C&C Generals was still 40 USD at EB, so that can wait awhile). LSH is just ... gahhh ... if you're into Unix at all it's just required. Everyone will learn a bit from this book, even those already in guruhood. I may squee about it more later. I picked up a Dell puzzle magazine and did one of the logic problems (finished it, and got it right somehow). I saw Chapter 23 of Broken Saints, but I'll have to watch Act III again because of stupid screensaver. Note to BS developers: Pause and Play buttons, please! And I finally got into Chapter Three of NWN, and now face a new set of annoying micro-quests. Whee. ;) Oh, and the refurbed exercise gear place at that same mall has full bags, speed bags, racks, stands, and even gloves. None of it is very expensive, not that I have anywhere to put such a thing. Hrrmph.

I booked all my time off for the rest of the year, which had apparently been a huge burden on J's soul. And of course that means I survived another meeting with him, which seems like a good thing overall. Ask me off-LJ if you want to know the range of days, and I haven't already told you ;)
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