October 16th, 2003


WTF? A post at 9 (AM) on a Friday?

Don't know anything yet. I met with the team as they were coming off shift this morning.

The last few days have been decidedly wacky, as some of you are painfully aware (Hot baths help with the sore muscles, but the psych. trauma is a little harder to shake off). After: meeting, work, denny's, tv shoot, crash, work, denny's, crash, meeting ... and I need to stay off the phone so that I can catch the HR lady when she calls, so this is in client. )Hopefully this one'll post in the client, and I won't have to cut'n'paste. A few more of those and I'll have to dredge out the python clien-scriplet that was one of my first posts... )

Breakasty red baron pizza thingy cooling in irradiation chamber. Better go waldo it to the dinner table.

Later: Heard back from A. She's going through paperwork, and pending that they'll make me an offer on Monday. So, my mom opened a bottle of wine, and I'm not going up to the House tonight. Blee!

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