August 30th, 2003


And this week..

DADD (Dating Attention Deficit Disorder):

So, after [AS]1 Thursday night I got on 'Tella2 to look for some of the theme music embedded in my skull (eg "Fukai Mori"). I found most of the music, and was also offered several episodes of the shows in question. It's a crying shame no one can find a way to make money off this technology. I had VOD3 early Friday morning. Here are the anime tunes, so you can have them stuck in your head, too..(most of you probably already have these). Still trying to get Blue Gender theme, and "Tank".

Finnegan went to the vet early this morning. The impromptu wake was at brunch, and the last bit of ceremony is waiting for softer ground (I think). The few of you who ever sighted (and fewer still who touched him) will remember him, I think. He was a great cat, if a little off in the head. We are left with only one non-primate mammal, Kali-ko, who is now cat-sized but no tamer.

2.6.0-test3 compiles and runs on i586 (mfalcon) even if you turn on all kind of weird modules. She's running it. 2.6.0 includes all the crypto code previously only available from Finland (et al) (eg Cryptoloop, CryptoAPI, all the cipher modules), the KAME IPSEC stack, and the LSM (including the N S A code (not available as a module)). There's all sorts of other nifty stuff in there too, for the less cypherpunkish. I say it's ready for extensive testing and learning, but not for production. (It's only test3, sheesh, and not stable on other archs yet!) Perhaps more interestingly, Syllable (nee Atheos) 0.4.5 installs (from CD!), dhcps, and surfs (ABrowse based on khtml), and builds python 2.3 (--with-no-threads) and perl 5.8 cleanly. Syllable is very promising indeed as a desktop OS. (

I'm still short some cables to set up the burgeoning P54C 4 test network, but the cabinet is 2/3 full (all of the old macs and the HP are nestled in there).

I've just about got hiragana down, quizzing (kanatest) at over 90% and making out a few characters here and there in anime, so I've started on kana, which is simultaneously easier and harder than 'gana was. It should go quicker. I'm still missing the second Irasshai tape from my set, if anyone has seen it..? Incidentially the voices in the English Bebop dub sound better, particularly for Spike. Maybe it's just me?

Still broke, and down about 1800 this week. Managed to make some needed payments by shuffling money between three banks in a way I don't understand, but the money seems to be settling to earth. Or something. WaMu has really been jerking me around this month. This is dissappointing. I'd expect it from the other two (MBNA and Ebay).
I put in for another babysitting gig for september, but I haven't heard back yet.
Without that gig, the Netherworld Taxi Service may not open it's doors this season. Gas prices are sucky. *mideast-tangential political screed deleted*

1: [adultswim] A Cartoon Network feature that plays sloppy cuts of popular anime (dubbed) late at night M-Th and Sun. cf
2: the Gnutella network(s) are a peer to peer fle sharing technology. I use mutella mostly. STFW
3: video on demand, a media industry buzzword. cf convergence, old Qwest tv spots, older ATT spots, any issue of WIRED, etc
4: P54Cs are 150 and 166 MHz Intel Pentiums. For the less computer geeky, these machines barely qualify as table legs today, but are (nearly) suitable for testing network stuff, which is what I want to do.
Note: Doing footnotes by hand sucks. Innovation is required, or I may have to use laTex / Lyx for this ;)
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