August 22nd, 2003


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I crave affection and need emotional support to continue, but I have nothing to barter for them.

If I'd an SO I could dump all this crap on her, at least temporarily. Strangely no one thinks of this as an enticing offer.

When you get drunk -- you don't feel better, but do you forget for awhile why you feel so bad? Is that it? I'm thinking about asking the guys here at the lan party for liquor(?) (didn't). I'll know for sure after I get fragged a few times.

Later: Got some chocolate, and that took the edge off. I need a girlfriend to play Diablo with though, at least. Oh, and shopping. I can't go shopping for clothes and toys all by myself. And that stuff in the first 'graph, too, I suppose.

Next night: I attempted non-sarcastic responses to each comment. Results are decidely mixed. Fixed some typos. Oh, if you haven't played it (aren't addicted) Diablo is like Gauntlet with a touch of D&D.
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